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The meaning of Document

Document – definition


A piece of written, printed, or electronic matter that provides information or evidence or that serves as an official record.

Usage examples:

The site provides access to official documents and reports, but not any political analysis.

Record (something) in written, photographic, or other form.

Usage examples:

The photographer spent years documenting the lives of miners

A paper or set of papers with written or printed information, esp. of an official type

Usage examples:

Do you have all your documents in order to apply for a passport?, the study documents various aspec…

A paper or set of papers that contains official information or instructions

Usage examples:

A one-/five-/twenty-, etc. page document, a consultative/consultation/framework document, draft/cir…

Document translation into English

Document: translate from English into Chinese

Translate document into Chinese (Simplified)}
文档, 文件, 文献, 议案

Document: translate from English into Dutch

Translate document into Dutch}
Document, Documenteren, Stuk, Akte, Dokument, Bewijsstuk, Oorkonde, Ceel

Document: translate from English into French

Translate document into French}
Document, Documenter, Fournir des preuves, Doctrine, Mettre en document

Document: translate from English into German

Translate document into German}
Dokumentieren, Dokument, Belegen, Beleg, Schriftstück, Urkunde, Schrift, Beurkunden, Verbriefen

Document: translate from English into Hindi

Translate document into Hindi}
दस्तावेज़, दस्तावेज, प्रलेख, आलेख, पत्र, लेख, लेख्य, काग़ज़, पत्री, काग़ज़ करना, दस्तावेज़ करना, दलील, सनद, लिखित प्रमाण, संलेख, कागजात, लिखतम

Document: translate from English into Italian

Translate document into Italian}
Documento, Documentare, Atto, Carta, Scrittura

Document: translate from English into Korean

Translate document into Korean}
문서, 증거서류를 제공하다, 증거서류를 첨부하다, 문서로 증명하다, 증거서류로 증명하다, 상세히 보도하다, 상세히 기록하다

Document: translate from English into Russian

Translate document into Russian}
Документ, Документировать, Текст, Свидетельство, Подтверждать документами, Снабжать документами

Document: translate from English into Spanish

Translate document into Spanish}
Documento, Documentar, Carta, Escritura, Papel, Cédula

Word origin

late Middle English: from Old French, from Latin documentum ‘lesson, proof’ (in medieval Latin ‘written instruction, official paper’), from docere ‘teach’.

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