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The meaning of Disgrace


Disgrace – definition


Loss of reputation or respect as the result of a dishonourable action.

Usage examples:

He left the army in disgrace

Embarrassment and the loss of other people’s respect, or behavior that causes this

Usage examples:

He resigned in disgrace., he’s a disgrace to his family., the lies my opponent is telling about me …

Disgrace translation into English

Disgrace: translate from English into Chinese

Translate disgrace into Chinese (Simplified)}
耻辱, 耻, 辱, 谪, 羞, 玷辱, 丑事, 玷

Disgrace: translate from English into Dutch

Translate disgrace into Dutch}
Schande, Ongenade, Onteren, Schandvlek, Tot schande strekken, Schandvlekken, Zijn gunst onttrekken aan

Disgrace: translate from English into French

Translate disgrace into French}
Disgrâce, Honte, Déshonorer, Déshonneur, Disgracier, Scandale, Souillure, Renvoyer

Disgrace: translate from English into German

Translate disgrace into German}
Schande, Schmach, Ungnade, Blamieren, Schande machen, Blamage, Sauerei, Entwürdigung, Entwürdigen, Missstand, In schande bringen

Disgrace: translate from English into Hindi

Translate disgrace into Hindi}
अपमान, कलंक, बदनामी, निरादर, निरादर करना, लज्जा का कारण, बेक़द्री, कलंक का कारण, कलंकित करना, लज्जित करना, बदनाम करना, कुरूपता, लांछित करना, अपयश

Disgrace: translate from English into Italian

Translate disgrace into Italian}
Disgrazia, Vergogna, Disonore, Disonorare, Onta, Obbrobrio, Sconcio, Macchia, Infamare, Discreditare, Far cadere in disgrazia, Verginità

Disgrace: translate from English into Korean

Translate disgrace into Korean}
불명예, 눈 밖에 나 있음, 망신시키는 것, 수치가 되다, 총애를 잃게 하다

Disgrace: translate from English into Russian

Translate disgrace into Russian}
Позор, Позорить, Опозорить, Немилость, Бесчестие, Опала, Позорный поступок, Срамить, Осрамить, Разжаловать, Бесчестить, Лишать расположения, Подвергать немилости

Disgrace: translate from English into Spanish

Translate disgrace into Spanish}
Desgracia, Vergüenza, Deshonra, Deshonrar, Ignominia, Oprobio, Infamia, Escándalo, Caída, Desgraciar, Desacreditar, Falta de gracia

Word origin

mid 16th century (as a verb): via French from Italian disgrazia (noun), disgraziare (verb), from dis- (expressing reversal) + Latin gratia ‘grace’.

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