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The meaning of Discredit

Discredit – definition


Harm the good reputation of.

Usage examples:

His remarks were taken out of context in an effort to discredit him

Loss or lack of reputation or respect.

Usage examples:

His actions were such that they brought discredit on his profession

To give people reason to stop believing someone or to doubt the truth of something

Usage examples:

The old soviet economic model has been thoroughly discredited., it’s the job of the defense to disc…

Discredit translation into English

Discredit: translate from English into Chinese

Translate discredit into Chinese (Simplified)}
抹黑, 怀疑, 疑惑, 不信, 不信用

Discredit: translate from English into Dutch

Translate discredit into Dutch}
Diskrediet, Discrediet, Oneer, Het geloof schokken, Geen geloof hechten aan

Discredit: translate from English into French

Translate discredit into French}
Discrédit, Discréditer, Doute, Déconsidération

Discredit: translate from English into German

Translate discredit into German}
Diskreditieren, Misskredit, Unehre, Schänden, Unglaube, Schandfleck, Umstoßen

Discredit: translate from English into Hindi

Translate discredit into Hindi}
बदनाम, बदनामी, बदनाम करना, अपयश, अपमान, अप्रतिष्ठा, संदेह, कलंकित करना, लज्जित करना, बेइज़्ज़ती, अविश्वास करना, अप्रत्यय, अविश्वास

Discredit: translate from English into Italian

Translate discredit into Italian}
Discredito, Screditare, Discreditare, Dubbio, Mettere in dubbio

Discredit: translate from English into Korean

Translate discredit into Korean}
불신, 망신, 신용하지 않다, 평판을 나쁘게 하다

Discredit: translate from English into Russian

Translate discredit into Russian}
Дискредитировать, Дискредитация, Недоверие, Сомнение, Позорить, Компрометация, Не доверять, Опорочивать, Лишение коммерческого кредита

Discredit: translate from English into Spanish

Translate discredit into Spanish}
Descrédito, Desacreditar, Desprestigio, Desprestigiar, Deshonrar, Poner en duda, Falta de crédito, Falta de prestigio

Word origin

mid 16th century: from dis- (expressing reversal) + credit, on the pattern of Italian ( di)scredito (noun), ( di)screditare (verb), and French discrédit (noun), discréditer (verb).

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