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The meaning of Discontinues

Discontinues – definition


Cease from doing or providing (something), especially something that has been provided on a regular basis.

Usage examples:

The ferry service was discontinued by the proprietors

To stop doing, using, or operating something

Usage examples:

Discontinue the medication if you have cramps., the airline announced that weekday flights to kansa…

To stop making, providing, or selling a particular service or product

Usage examples:

Access to online services and live technical support will be discontinued after april 30th., discon…

Discontinues translation into English

Discontinues: translate from English into Chinese

Translate discontinues into Chinese (Simplified)}
中止, 中断, 废止

Discontinues: translate from English into Dutch

Translate discontinues into Dutch}
Stopt, Staken, Intrekken, Afbreken, Opzeggen, Ophouden met

Discontinues: translate from English into French

Translate discontinues into French}
S'arrête, Cesser, Interrompre, Abandonner, S'arrêter

Discontinues: translate from English into German

Translate discontinues into German}
Unterbricht, Einstellen, Beenden, Absetzen, Kündigen, Aufhören, Aufgeben, Auslaufen lassen, Abbestellen

Discontinues: translate from English into Hindi

Translate discontinues into Hindi}
बंद, समाप्त करना, स्र्क जाना, बन्द कर देना, छोड़ देना, समाप्त हो जाना, त्याग देना

Discontinues: translate from English into Italian

Translate discontinues into Italian}
Interrompe, Interrompere, Cessare, Interrompersi

Discontinues: translate from English into Korean

Translate discontinues into Korean}
중단, 폐하다, 그만두다, 중지하다, 중단하다, 중지되다, 휴지되다

Discontinues: translate from English into Russian

Translate discontinues into Russian}
Прекращает, Прекращать, Прерывать, Упразднять, Прекращаться, Прерываться

Discontinues: translate from English into Spanish

Translate discontinues into Spanish}
Suspende, Discontinuar, Interrumpir, Suspender, Terminar, Anular, Acabar

Word origin

late Middle English (in the sense ‘interrupt, disrupt’): via Old French from medieval Latin discontinuare, from Latin dis- ‘not’ + continuare (see continue).

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