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The meaning of Conventional


Conventional – definition


Based on or in accordance with what is generally done or believed.

Usage examples:

A conventional morality had dictated behaviour

(of a bid) intended to convey a particular meaning according to an agreed convention.

Usage examples:

West made a conventional bid showing a hand with at least 5 spades

Following the usual practices of the past

Usage examples:

We were raised in a conventional, middle-class family., it’s a conventional hot-water heater (= of …

Relating to accepted or traditional ways of doing something

Usage examples:

Conventional accounting/business practices/methods, it is estimated that over one-third of sub-prim…

Traditional and ordinary

Usage examples:

Conventional behaviour/attitudes/clothes, conventional medicine/farming, a conventional wedding, di…

Used to refer to weapons that are not nuclear, or to methods of fighting a war that do not involve nuclear weapons

Usage examples:

Conventional weapons/bombs

Conventional translation into English

Conventional: translate from English into Chinese

Translate conventional into Chinese (Simplified)}
传统的, 常规, 惯例, 俗套, 习用, Conventional

Conventional: translate from English into Dutch

Translate conventional into Dutch}
Gebruikelijke, Conventioneel, Gebruikelijk, Overeengekomen

Conventional: translate from English into French

Translate conventional into French}

Conventional: translate from English into German

Translate conventional into German}
Konventionell, Herkömmlich, Traditionell, Gebräuchlich, Normalerweise üblich

Conventional: translate from English into Hindi

Translate conventional into Hindi}
पारंपरिक, परम्परागत, पारम्परिक, शर्त लगाय हुआ, रूढ़

Conventional: translate from English into Italian

Translate conventional into Italian}
Convenzionale, Comune

Conventional: translate from English into Korean

Translate conventional into Korean}
전통적인, 인습적인, 틀에 박힌, 회의의, 핵을 사용하지 않는, 핵무기를 사용하지 않는, 양식화된

Conventional: translate from English into Russian

Translate conventional into Russian}
Общепринятый, Обычный, Традиционный, Условный, Стандартный, Обусловленный, Прописной, Светский, Удовлетворяющий техническим условиям, Приличный, Договоренный, Шаблонный

Conventional: translate from English into Spanish

Translate conventional into Spanish}
Convencional, Tradicional

Word origin

late 15th century (in the sense ‘relating to a formal agreement or convention’): from French conventionnel or late Latin conventionalis, from Latin conventio(n- ) ‘meeting, covenant’, from th

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