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The meaning of Conjugating

Conjugating – definition


Give the different forms of (a verb in an inflected language such as latin) as they vary according to voice, mood, tense, number, and person.

Usage examples:

Conjugating verbs forms part of language study

(of bacteria or unicellular organisms) become temporarily united in order to exchange genetic material.

Usage examples:

E. coli only conjugate when one of the cells possesses fertility genes

Be combined with or joined to reversibly.

Usage examples:

Bilirubin is then conjugated by liver enzymes and excreted in the bile

Coupled, connected, or related.

Usage examples:

One secondary terminal is connected directly to the spark plug of the parent cylinder while the oth…

A substance formed by the reversible combination of two or more others.

Usage examples:

Under similar experimental conditions, the carotene conjugate did not produce singlet oxygen.

A mathematical value or entity having a reciprocal relation with another.

Usage examples:

There are two cams fixed on a common shaft that are mathematical conjugates of one another.

Present participle of conjugate

Usage examples:

The verb "to be" conjugates irregularly.

Conjugating translation into English

Conjugating: translate from English into Chinese

Translate conjugating into Chinese (Simplified)}

Conjugating: translate from English into Dutch

Translate conjugating into Dutch}
Vervoegen, Conjugeren

Conjugating: translate from English into French

Translate conjugating into French}
Conjuguer, Se conjuguer, Se reproduire

Conjugating: translate from English into German

Translate conjugating into German}
Konjugieren, Beugen, Flektieren, Sich konjugieren lassen

Conjugating: translate from English into Hindi

Translate conjugating into Hindi}
संयुग्मन, रूप साधना, गरदानना

Conjugating: translate from English into Italian

Translate conjugating into Italian}
Coniugando, Coniugare, Coniugarsi

Conjugating: translate from English into Korean

Translate conjugating into Korean}
활용, 활용시키다, 변화시키다, 활용하다, 변화하다, 결합하다, 접합하다, 교미하다

Conjugating: translate from English into Russian

Translate conjugating into Russian}
Сопряжение, Спрягать, Соединяться, Проспрягать

Conjugating: translate from English into Spanish

Translate conjugating into Spanish}
Conjugando, Conjugarse, Cambiarse

Word origin

late 15th century (as an adjective): from Latin conjugat- ‘yoked together’, from the verb conjugare, from con- ‘together’ + jugum ‘yoke’.

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