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The meaning of Confused


Confused – definition


(of a person) unable to think clearly; bewildered.

Usage examples:

She was utterly confused about what had happened

Lacking order and so difficult to understand.

Usage examples:

The confused information supplied by authorities

Make (someone) bewildered or perplexed.

Usage examples:

Past and present blurred together, confusing her still further

Unable to think clearly or to understand something

Usage examples:

Grandpa gets pretty confused sometimes, and doesn't even know what day it is., i'm a bit confused. …

Confused translation into English

Confused: translate from English into Chinese

Translate confused into Chinese (Simplified)}
使困惑, 困惑, 迷茫, 迷糊, 慌, 棼, 汩, 纷, 晕, 迷, 愦, 乱糟糟, 颠三倒四, 纭, 暗, 茸, 爽然, 荧, 惛惛, 烦恼的

Confused: translate from English into Dutch

Translate confused into Dutch}
Verward, Verbijsterd, Verlegen

Confused: translate from English into French

Translate confused into French}
Confus, Embrouillé, Désorienté, Embarrassé, Désordonné, Paumé

Confused: translate from English into German

Translate confused into German}
Verwirrt, Konfus, Durcheinander, Wirr, Verworren, Irre, Unübersichtlich, Verdreht, Verwickelt, Diffus, Kraus

Confused: translate from English into Hindi

Translate confused into Hindi}
अस्पष्ट, परेशान, व्याकुल, भ्रांत, विमूढ़, अस्तव्यस्त, घबड़ाया हुआ

Confused: translate from English into Italian

Translate confused into Italian}
Confuso, Perplesso, Disorientato, Sfasato

Confused: translate from English into Korean

Translate confused into Korean}

Confused: translate from English into Russian

Translate confused into Russian}
Смущенный, Спутанный, Сбивчивый, Беспорядочный, Поставленный в тупик

Confused: translate from English into Spanish

Translate confused into Spanish}
Confundido, Confuso, Desconcertado, Aturdido, Corrido, Conmocionado

Word origin

Middle English (in the sense ‘rout, bring to ruin’): from Old French confus, from Latin confusus, past participle of confundere ‘mingle together’ (see confound). Originally all senses of the

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