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The meaning of Companion


Companion – definition


A person or animal with whom one spends a lot of time or with whom one travels.

Usage examples:

His travelling companion

Each of a pair of things intended to complement or match each other.

Usage examples:

A companion volume

A member of the lowest grade of certain orders of knighthood.

Usage examples:

A companion of the order of canada


Usage examples:

He is companioned by a pageboy

A covering over the hatchway leading to a ship's companionway.

Usage examples:

The room was illumined from the light in the companion, and the dim lantern hung from the deck beam.

Someone or something you spend a lot of time with or travel with, or a friend who lives with you

Usage examples:

A pleasant traveling companion, he shared his cabin with his wife and constant companion of 62 years.

A person you spend a lot of time with often because you are friends or because you are travelling together

Usage examples:

The dog has been her constant companion these past ten years., a travelling companion

In the past, a young woman who was paid to care for and provide friendship for an old or ill woman, especially while she was travelling


Either of two matching objects

Usage examples:

I've still got one of the candlesticks but i've lost its companion.

Used in the title of a type of book that gives you information on a particular subject or tells you how to do something

Usage examples:

The music lover's companion

Companion translation into English

Companion: translate from English into Chinese

Translate companion into Chinese (Simplified)}
伴侣, 同伴, 伙伴, 伴随, 伴, 侣, 伴星, 伴儿, 朋友, 陪同, 俦, 侪, 朋, 相好, 交好, 跟随, 俦侣, 升降口

Companion: translate from English into Dutch

Translate companion into Dutch}
Metgezel, Begeleider, Gezel, Kameraad, Makker, Deelgenoot, Lotgenoot, Gezellin, Kornuit, Vergezellen, Gezelschapsjuffrouw, Gezelschap houden, Maat

Companion: translate from English into French

Translate companion into French}
Un compagnon, Compagnon, Compagne, Accompagner, Compagnon de voyage, Échelle, Manuel

Companion: translate from English into German

Translate companion into German}
Begleiter, Gefährte, Begleitung, Partner, Kamerad, Gesellschafter, Weggefährte, Geselle, Genosse, Dame, Kajütskappe

Companion: translate from English into Hindi

Translate companion into Hindi}
साथी, संगी, यार, मित्र, सहचर

Companion: translate from English into Italian

Translate companion into Italian}
Compagno, Accompagnatore, Socio, Camerata

Companion: translate from English into Korean

Translate companion into Korean}
동반자, 동료, 짝, 천창, 갑판 승강구 계단, 상대, 용 도구 한 벌, 안내서, 이야기 상대로 고용된 여자, 최하위 훈작사, 갑판 승강구의 덮개문

Companion: translate from English into Russian

Translate companion into Russian}
Компаньон, Спутник, Товарищ, Собеседник, Попутчик, Компаньонка, Сопровождать, Парный, Справочник, Кавалер ордена, Быть спутником, Случайный сосед, Быть компаньоном, Сходной трап, Предмет, составляющий пару

Companion: translate from English into Spanish

Translate companion into Spanish}
Compañero, Acompañante, Ser compañero, Ayudante

Word origin

mid 18th century: from obsolete Dutch kompanje (earlier form of kampanje ) ‘quarterdeck’, from Old French compagne, from Italian (camera della) compagna ‘(storeroom for) provisions’.

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