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The meaning of Circular


Circular – definition


Having the form of a circle.

Usage examples:

The building features a circular atrium

(of an argument) already containing an assumption of what is to be proved, and therefore fallacious.

Usage examples:

The reality of standard english rests on the circular argument that that is good which good users use

(of a letter or advertisement) for distribution to a large number of people.

Usage examples:

A circular letter was sent asking for support

A letter or advertisement that is distributed to a large number of people.

Usage examples:

I received a circular from a building society

In the shape of a circle; round

Usage examples:

One man built a circular barn for his cows., the circular area is used for parking., the discount c…

A printed announcement, advertisement, or letter that is sent to many people at the same time

Usage examples:

Details of the payout will be contained in a circular to be sent to shareholders next month., the a…

Circular translation into English

Circular: translate from English into Chinese

Translate circular into Chinese (Simplified)}
圆, 通知, 通告, 通报, 通令, 团, 循环的

Circular: translate from English into Dutch

Translate circular into Dutch}
Circulaire, Cirkelvormig, Cirkel-, Rond, Rondschrijven, Rondgaand, Kringvormic, Kring-

Circular: translate from English into French

Translate circular into French}
Circulaire, Rond, Memo

Circular: translate from English into German

Translate circular into German}
Kreisförmig, Rundschreiben, Zirkular, Rundbrief, Umlauf, Drucksache, Umlaufschreiben, Periodisch

Circular: translate from English into Hindi

Translate circular into Hindi}
परिपत्र, गोल, गोलाकार, वृत्तीय, चक्करदार, चक्कर, घेरे का, मंड़लाकार, गश्ती चिट्ठी, वर्तुलाकार

Circular: translate from English into Italian

Translate circular into Italian}

Circular: translate from English into Korean

Translate circular into Korean}
회보, 회장, 원의, 원형의, 순환성의, 순회의, 에두른

Circular: translate from English into Russian

Translate circular into Russian}
Круговой, Циркуляр, Круглый, Кольцевой, Циркулярный, Проспект, Дисковый, Кругообразный, Дуговой, Реклама, Перстневидный

Circular: translate from English into Spanish

Translate circular into Spanish}

Word origin

late Middle English: from Old French circulier, from late Latin circularis, from Latin circulus ‘small ring’ (see circle).

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