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The meaning of Chaser


Chaser – definition


A person or thing that pursues someone or something.

Usage examples:


A horse for steeplechasing.

Usage examples:

It was a phenomenal blag on mccoy's part, since most of balding's horses were chasers, and mccoy at…

A strong alcoholic drink taken after a weaker one.

Usage examples:

Drinking pints of bitter with vodka chasers

Chaser translation into English

Chaser: translate from English into Chinese

Translate chaser into Chinese (Simplified)}
追逐者, 驱逐舰, 猎人

Chaser: translate from English into Dutch

Translate chaser into Dutch}
Jager, Achtervolger, Jachtvliegtuig, Jaagstuk

Chaser: translate from English into French

Translate chaser into French}
Chasseur, Ciseleur, Peigne, Planeur, Graveur sur métaux

Chaser: translate from English into German

Translate chaser into German}
Verfolger, Schnaps zum nachspülen

Chaser: translate from English into Hindi

Translate chaser into Hindi}
खदेरनेवाला, चेज़र, अनुसरण करनेवाला, व्याध, पीछा करनेवाला, अंकित करनेवाला, अनुसरणकारी

Chaser: translate from English into Italian

Translate chaser into Italian}
Cacciatore, Inseguitore, Cesellatore

Chaser: translate from English into Korean

Translate chaser into Korean}
체이서, 쫓는 사람, 사냥꾼, 추격기, 조금사

Chaser: translate from English into Russian

Translate chaser into Russian}
Преследователь, Истребитель, Чеканщик, Бабник, Морской охотник, Гравер, Глоток, Резьбовой резец, Бегун, Рюмка ликера, Судовое орудие, Винторезная плашка, Винторезная гребенка

Chaser: translate from English into Spanish

Translate chaser into Spanish}

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