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The meaning of Charging


Charging – definition


Demand (an amount) as a price for a service rendered or goods supplied.

Usage examples:

Wedding planners may charge an hourly fee of up to £150

Formally accuse (someone) of something, especially an offence under law.

Usage examples:

They were charged with assault

Entrust (someone) with a task as a duty or responsibility.

Usage examples:

The committee was charged with reshaping the educational system

Store electrical energy in (a battery or battery-operated device).

Usage examples:

The shaver can be charged up and used while travelling

Rush forward in attack.

Usage examples:

The plan is to charge headlong at the enemy

Place a heraldic bearing on.

Usage examples:

A pennant argent, charged with a cross gules

A price asked for goods or services.

Usage examples:

Our standard charge for a letter is £25

An accusation, typically one formally made against a prisoner brought to trial.

Usage examples:

He appeared in court on a charge of attempted murder

Responsibility for the care or control of someone or something.

Usage examples:

The people in her charge are pupils and not experimental subjects

The property of matter that is responsible for electrical phenomena, existing in a positive or negative form.

Usage examples:

Water molecules are not only attracted to each other, but to any molecule with positive or negative…

A quantity of explosive to be detonated in order to fire a gun or similar weapon.

Usage examples:

Smaller charges, fired on three minute fuses lit by hand

A headlong rush forward, typically in attack.

Usage examples:

A cavalry charge

A device or bearing placed on a shield or crest.

Usage examples:

The swan is found in heraldry as a charge, a crest, supporters, and as a badge.

Present participle of charge

Usage examples:

How much/what do you charge for a haircut and blow-dry?, the bank charged commission to change my t…

Charging translation into English

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收费, 炉料

Charging: translate from English into Dutch

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Charging: translate from English into French

Translate charging into French}
Mise en charge

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चार्ज, आक्रमण, इएल्क्ट्रिक सामग्री चार्ज होना

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충전 중

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Зарядка, Зарядный, Заряжающий, Загрузочный

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Translate charging into Spanish}

Word origin

Middle English (in the general senses ‘to load’ and ‘a load’), from Old French charger (verb), charge (noun), from late Latin carricare, carcare ‘to load’, from Latin carrus ‘wheeled vehicle’

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