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The meaning of Break up


Break up – definition

phrasal verb

Break or cause to break into pieces

phrasal verb

Disintegrate or disperse.

Usage examples:

The grey clouds had begun to break up
phrasal verb

(of a telephone conversation) to become impossible to understand because the connection is not strong enough

Usage examples:

He was on the subway when he called and started to break up before i could answer., the company has…
phrasal verb

To divide, or to divide something, into smaller parts

Usage examples:

The company has been broken up and sold off., manufacturing ceased at the factory when the original…

Break up translation into English

Break up: translate from English into Chinese

Translate break up into Chinese (Simplified)}
拆散, 分裂, 驱散, 分割, 粉碎, 散, 击破, 掊, 异

Break up: translate from English into Dutch

Translate break up into Dutch}
Uitmaken, Opbreken, Stukslaan, Omhalen

Break up: translate from English into French

Translate break up into French}
Rompre, Disperser, Désagréger, Éclater, Couper, Se désagréger, Démolir, Mettre fin à, Se disperser, Craquer, Se quitter, Prendre fin, Faire finir, Avoir le fou rire, Se couper en morceaux

Break up: translate from English into German

Translate break up into German}
Beenden, Aufbrechen, Zerschlagen, Auflösen, Sprengen, Zerkleinern, Auflockern, Auseinander brechen, Zerstückeln, Sich auflösen, Entflechten, Umbrechen, Auseinander gehen, Ausbrechen, Platzen, Aufreißen, Auffliegen, Zerrütten, Kaputtgehen, Platzen lassen, Sich auflockern, Auseinander laufen, Ausweiden

Break up: translate from English into Hindi

Translate break up into Hindi}
संबंध विच्छेद, टूटना, तोड़ डालना, तोड़कर खोलना, विश्लेषण, ब्यौरा

Break up: translate from English into Italian

Translate break up into Italian}
Rottura, Sciogliere, Dividere, Disgregare, Scomporre, Frantumare, Demolire, Fare a pezzi, Indebolirsi, Sbandare, Concludere

Break up: translate from English into Korean

Translate break up into Korean}
헤어지다, ...을 분쇄하다, ...을 분해하다, ...을 흩뜨리다, 끝내다, 사이를 갈라놓다, ...의 마음을 뒤흔들어 놓다, ...을 배꼽 빼게 하다, 흩어지다, 방학이 되다, 변하다, 이혼하다, ...이 쇠약해지다, 배꼽빼다

Break up: translate from English into Russian

Translate break up into Russian}
Расставаться, Разойтись, Разбивать, Разбиваться, Расходиться, Разломать, Расформировывать, Распускать, Меняться, Закрываться на каникулы, Слабеть

Break up: translate from English into Spanish

Translate break up into Spanish}
Disolver, Dividir, Romperse, Acabar con, Deshacer, Separarse, Separar, Desarticular, Dividirse, Disolverse, Dispersarse, Disgregarse, Deshacerse, Levantar, Desmembrarse, Desguazar, Desmenuzarse, Hacerse pedazos, Cambiar, Levantarse, Desglosarse, Desconcertar, Hacer reír a carcajadas, Mudar, Terminar el curso, Cerrarse, Parcelar

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