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The meaning of Barracked

Barracked – definition


Provide (soldiers) with accommodation in a building or set of buildings.

Usage examples:

The granary in which the platoons were barracked

Jeer loudly at (someone performing or speaking in public) in order to express disapproval or to distract them.

Usage examples:

Opponents barracked him when he addressed the opening parliamentary session

Give support and encouragement to.

Usage examples:

I take it you'll be barracking for labour tonight?

Past simple and past participle of barrack

Usage examples:

Every time the minister got up to speak he was barracked mercilessly.

Barracked translation into English

Barracked: translate from English into Chinese

Translate barracked into Chinese (Simplified)}

Barracked: translate from English into Dutch

Translate barracked into Dutch}
Kazerne, Kazerneren

Barracked: translate from English into French

Translate barracked into French}
Caserne, Caserner, Accommoder à la caserne, Chahuter

Barracked: translate from English into German

Translate barracked into German}
Kaserniert, Kasernieren, Pfeifen, Zischen

Barracked: translate from English into Hindi

Translate barracked into Hindi}
बैरक्ड, सेनावास देना

Barracked: translate from English into Italian

Translate barracked into Italian}
Baraccato, Alloggiare in caserme, Fischiare

Barracked: translate from English into Korean

Translate barracked into Korean}
막사, 막사에 수용하다, 막사 생활을 하다, 야유하다, 선수를 야유하다, 연설자를 야유하다

Barracked: translate from English into Russian

Translate barracked into Russian}
Казарма, Освистывать, Громко высмеивать, Размещать

Barracked: translate from English into Spanish

Translate barracked into Spanish}
Acuartelado, Acuartelar, Abuchear

Word origin

late 19th century (originally in Australian use): probably from Northern Irish dialect.

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