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The meaning of Attaints

Attaints – definition


Subject (someone) to attainder.

Usage examples:

To his lands henry added the property of several landowners attainted in the course of his reign

Affect or infect with disease or corruption.

Usage examples:

Even to have kicked an outsider might have been held to attaint the foot

Attaints translation into English

Attaints: translate from English into Chinese

Translate attaints into Chinese (Simplified)}

Attaints: translate from English into Dutch

Translate attaints into Dutch}
Bereikt, Smaad, Schandvlekken, Schande, Schenden

Attaints: translate from English into French

Translate attaints into French}
Réalisations, Priver de droits, Vexation, Frapper d'indignité

Attaints: translate from English into German

Translate attaints into German}
Errungenschaften, Enteignen, Erniedrigen

Attaints: translate from English into Hindi

Translate attaints into Hindi}
प्राप्त करता है, कलंक, धब्बा, बदनामी, पमानित करना, बेइज़्ज़ती

Attaints: translate from English into Italian

Translate attaints into Italian}
Raggiungi, Privare dei diritti civili

Attaints: translate from English into Korean

Translate attaints into Korean}
달성하다, 달성, 학식, 재에, 사권을 박탈하다, 더럽히다, 감염시키다

Attaints: translate from English into Russian

Translate attaints into Russian}
Достижения, Осуждение присяжных, Обесславливать, Бесчестить, Позорить, Обвинять в преступлении, Пятно

Attaints: translate from English into Spanish

Translate attaints into Spanish}
Logra, Aquejar, Condenar a muerte civil

Word origin

Middle English (in the sense ‘touch, reach, attain’): from obsolete attaint (adjective), from Old French ataint, ateint, past participle of ateindre ‘bring to justice’ (see attain); influence

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