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The meaning of Adumbrating

Adumbrating – definition


Represent in outline.

Usage examples:

Hobhouse had already adumbrated the idea of a welfare state

Foreshadow (a future event).

Usage examples:

Tenors solemnly adumbrate the fate of the convicted sinner


Usage examples:

Her happy reminiscences were adumbrated by consciousness of something else

Present participle of adumbrate

Usage examples:

The project's objectives were adumbrated in the report.

Adumbrating translation into English

Adumbrating: translate from English into Chinese

Translate adumbrating into Chinese (Simplified)}
描绘, 预示, 画轮廓

Adumbrating: translate from English into Dutch

Translate adumbrating into Dutch}
Afschuwelijk, Voorspellen, Afschetsen, Schetsen, Beschaduwen, Vaag beeld geven, Aankondigen

Adumbrating: translate from English into French

Translate adumbrating into French}
Esquissant, Esquisser, Ébaucher, Faire pressentir

Adumbrating: translate from English into German

Translate adumbrating into German}
Andeutend, Umreißen

Adumbrating: translate from English into Hindi

Translate adumbrating into Hindi}
एडुम्ब्रेटिंग, ढांचे में दिखलाना

Adumbrating: translate from English into Italian

Translate adumbrating into Italian}
Adombrando, Schizzare

Adumbrating: translate from English into Korean

Translate adumbrating into Korean}
칭찬하다, 어둡게 하다, 윤곽을 나타내다, 예시하다

Adumbrating: translate from English into Russian

Translate adumbrating into Russian}
Предчувствие, Дать общее представление, Бросать тень, Предвещать, Знаменовать, Предзнаменовать, Затемнять, Описывать в общих чертах, Бегло набросать, Делать набросок, Намечать контур

Adumbrating: translate from English into Spanish

Translate adumbrating into Spanish}
Esbozando, Bosquejar, Sombrar, Presagiar, Adumbrar

Word origin

late 16th century: from Latin adumbrat- ‘shaded’, from the verb adumbrare, from ad- ‘to’ (as an intensifier) + umbrare ‘cast a shadow’ (from umbra ‘shade’).

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