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The meaning of Abstracted

Abstracted – definition


Lacking concentration on what is happening around one.

Usage examples:

She seemed abstracted and unaware of her surroundings

Consider something theoretically or separately from (something else).

Usage examples:

To abstract science and religion from their historical context can lead to anachronism

Extract or remove (something).

Usage examples:

Applications to abstract more water from streams

Make a written summary of (an article or book).

Usage examples:

Staff who abstract material for an online database

Not giving attention to what is happening around you because you are thinking about something else

Usage examples:

He gave her an abstracted glance, then returned to his book.

Abstracted translation into English

Abstracted: translate from English into Chinese

Translate abstracted into Chinese (Simplified)}
抽象的, 提取, 提炼, 抽炼, 提出物

Abstracted: translate from English into Dutch

Translate abstracted into Dutch}
Geabstraheerd, Afgetrokken, In gedachten, Verstrooid

Abstracted: translate from English into French

Translate abstracted into French}

Abstracted: translate from English into German

Translate abstracted into German}
Abstrahiert, Abwesend, Entrückt

Abstracted: translate from English into Hindi

Translate abstracted into Hindi}
ध्यान न देता हुशा, पृथक, अनमना, ध्यान न देने वाला

Abstracted: translate from English into Italian

Translate abstracted into Italian}

Abstracted: translate from English into Korean

Translate abstracted into Korean}
멍한, 추상된

Abstracted: translate from English into Russian

Translate abstracted into Russian}
Абстрагированный, Рассеянный, Отдаленный, Погруженный в мысли, Удаленный

Abstracted: translate from English into Spanish

Translate abstracted into Spanish}
Abstraído, Ensimismado

Word origin

Middle English: from Latin abstractus, literally ‘drawn away’, past participle of abstrahere, from ab- ‘from’ + trahere ‘draw off’.

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